Ninty Ninja and the Smokebomb Squad

Two figures were standing outside a building looking at a sign inspecting the look of it. One dressed in a lab coast and the other in his typical ninja outfit.

“So this is the Smokebomb Store? This is how we are going to fund the whole operation?” Dr Sora the woman in the lab coat asked.

“It sure is. People come here to pick up merch that we make or we send them out to them. It’s been going pretty well so far the past few weeks.” Ninty replied.

“And the other levels to the building is where we do our work with the Virtual Motherverse. I hope that we are well protected from anyone finding out what we do. It can’t become public knowledge to everyone,” Dr Sora said.

“That’s why we are putting together the Smokebomb Squad. A team of people who will protect the store and the missions we are doing in another universe. Let’s going inside and see how your little sister is going” Ninty suggested.

The two of them opened up the door to see the store had mostly boxes and some display of merch of shirts and items inside/. There inside was a young teeenager girl looking after the operations of the store. She had on a grey ninja outfit and looked bright eyed at Ninty and Dr Sora.

“There’s alot of orders to do today. People love our merch you know,”s he said to them.

“Hana it’s your first week here. Are you enjoying yourself?” Dr Sora asked her sister.

“Oh yeah it’s been good fun so far. We haven’t had any drama but I’m ready if it comes. I’ll just use these if they run out the door without paying<‘ Hana said holding up a collection of ninja stars.

“Hang on there how did you get those?” Ninty cried out grabbing them from Hana.

“My throwing skills are pretty good so why can’t I use them” Hana protested.

“Because you are too young for that for now. Just behave and maybe one day you can learn from Ninty in the future. You running the store is already a big thing to do, “Dr Sora said looking back at Ninty.

“Why don’t I go out with you on one of your adventures? I mean you have time away from making merch and music don’t ya?” Hana asked.

Ninty thought about it for a moment and turned to Dr Sora.

“You know I do have to go to the virtual verse of Pokemon soon and catch my first Pokemon. I mean she can tag along with me right?” Ninty asked her.

Dr Sora nodded her head knowing Hana wouldn’t happy if she said no, “Alright I think she can go on a trip with you. Just be careful when you do.”

Ninty picked up a couple boxes and looked back at Hana, “Come around tomorrow and we can go and have some fun with Pokemon. I’m gonna this merch and check out the quality.” Hana smild happily while Ninty and Dr Sora walked out of the Smokebomb Store. Ninty looked at the dark clouds looking puzzled.

“This weather is looking real odd. Heavy rain one day the next it’s all sunny. It’s like someone is controlling the weather,” Ninty noted above him.

Dr Sora giggled to Ninty, “No one controls the weather. It’s just a few weeks of wild weather it’ll die down soon enough.Let me know what time you wish to do mission with Hana tomorrow.”

Ninty waved goodbye for the day and headed on his way back home. It was only the beginning for the Smokebomb Squad.


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