Ninty Ninja and the Virtual Motherverse (2021)

Ninty Ninja is the first blended character who will mix with multiverse fanfiction of video game characters and my own story universe.

chris ticehurst

Inside a room of computers, large screens and special devices lying around tables. A young man adjusted his grey ninja robes around his belt and looked towards his friend who was watching the screens above them.

“So how do I look?” he asked her.

“You look fine. Just the right look, well I mean you are a black belt and the only person I know who self stuided to be a ninja,”she answered.

“Thanks Jada. I can’t believe after six years of work you managed to make this reality,” Ninty the Ninja said looking at the screems above, “Access to the Virtual Motherverse, where all the video game universes exist and I’ve been a big fan of your work since you started this.”

“When you broke into my lab that one time sussing out my work. I remember,”

“At least everything worked out and I’m the perfect person to do these missions right? So Dr Jada Sora, how do I get to the Virtual motherverse?”Ninty asked her.

Dr Sora lifted up two items handed the first one over to Ninty, “That is called the GameDex. it’s like the Pokedex that tells you about Pokemon that video game but tells you everything about each video game universe that you enter. Helpful for learning things you don’t know about. It’s also has the access screen on it for travel to these places. First you will turn into pixels and travel through the gaps of these worlds and you will safely enter. I’m still trying to tweek the device to make sure you enter safe zones, no where near monsters or danger.”

Ninty the Ninja grabbed the GameDex nodding and looked at the device, “What’s that? Ins’t that a backpack. I already have one of those I can use” he wondered.

“This is no normal backpack. This is the virtual backpack, you can place items you find inside of this and return here. No item will work in our reality, you see into the backpack and it’s just pixtelated items. You can use items into other worlds. However I wouldn’t be using Pokeballs in other worlds unless you really need to and make sure you you take everything that doesn’t belong in that world with you. Got it?” Dr Sora told him.

“Got it! Are we ready to do this now?”

“We are. I have already dialed in where you are going. You are headed for the Hyrule fields in the era of the Ocarina of Time. You are only going to be collecting a few items so I test and make sure the virtual backpack works. Remember before you go don’t interact with any of the big characters in the video game world you are going to. That’s important,” Dr Sora reminded Ninty.

Ninty the Ninja nodded putting on the virtual backpack and hovering his finger over the button that would send into a unknown universe. “Good luck and remember what I told you,” noted the doctor.

Ninty pressed the button on the GameDev and his body started to pixelate and disappear in front of Dr Sora’s eyes, “It’s working”

The wide fields of Hyrule was there to be seen as Ninty pixelated into form into the new world transfering through the virtual motherverse. He appeared with everything on hand as he looked around the area in amazment, “It’s all real. Just like real life. I better see what Dr Sora put in my virtual backpack. She must have created something for me. Well I think she said something like that before. He put his hand into the backpack and pulled out a nice strong ninja sword, just like the one he uses in his own real world.

“This is great. I’m guesing this is my standard weapon to use,” he noted to myself. He noticed the sun was going down over the hyrule fields and the ground started to shake around him. “What’s going on here?”

A trio of skeletons appeared from the ground circling Ninty. The young ninja drew out his sword and pushed forward towards the one in front of him. He kicked the skeleton to his side slicing into it with his sword. It fell into pieces as Ninty backflipped away from the other two. He dodged one swing of a skeleton’s arm and and slided under the legs of another. He cut the legs off one of them and punched the other and the bodies disappeared revealing some colorful items. Ninty slowly got up and walked up to a green item on the ground. “A green rupee, worth about five I say in this game, I mean world I’m in,” Ninty said picking it up. He placed it in his virtual backpack. He put his ninja sword on his side as he noticed the Hyrule Castle in the distance.

Ninty pulled out his GameDex and pointed towards the castle, “Hyrule Castle, home of the Royal family of Hyrule. It is also next to the Hyrule Caslt Town which is marktplace to the local hyruleans and travelers,” spoke the GameDex in a robotic voice. “The GameDex works but why does it feel wet so of a sudden?” he said to himself. Rain had started to fall as he walked closer to the castle. The rain and thunder became heavier as Ninty tighten his ninja robes in the wet as he made his way to the castle. He made his way to and hid behind the concrete wall next to the castle.

“Alright, why does this feel so familiar to me,” Ninty thought to himself. Just after he heard a noise and the drawbridge was coming down next to him. He quickly put on his ninja mask to hide his face and his eyes appeared just above the concrete wall to see what was going on. A horse with two figures came rushing out of the castle and Ninty’s eyes widen as he knew who they were.

“I know this because I played the game. It’s Princess Zelda and Impa. Her bodyguard,” he said to himself. Impa was riding her horse holding the Princess close to her. Ninty saw Princess Zelda throw a object from her that landed in the waters that surronded the castle. Ninty also noticed a lone figure in a green suit coming up towards the castle watching the horse bolt away in the distance. He turned around to compose his thoughts and feelings, “That’s Link. He didn’t see me. That’s good. And I know she threw the Ocerina of Time in the water over there. Dr Sora told me not to get important items.” He turned down the volume on hsi GameDex and asked it a question.

“Why can’t I take key quest items from this world?” Ninty asked it. “Key quest items are important to keep the flow of the video game world moving. Any disruptions would cause the timeline to change compared to what should happen. In some cases it could cause the whole video game world to disappear leaving the only memories of it’s existence to those who made the changes,” the Gamedex explained to Ninty.

Ninty poped his eyes over the small wall to see a dark horse appear in front of Young Link, “That’s Ganondoft. I can’t mess with him either. I’ll be crushed if I do. My ninja sword won’t do a thing against him,” he noted to himself.

“Arrrgh! I lost her,” protested Ganondoft, “Hey you over there Little Kid.” He called out. Ninty thought for a moment he was seen but remember the game storyline, “Wait, no that’s not me he calling to,” Ninty said watching the two. “You must have the white horse gallop past just now… Which way did they go? Answer me!” Ganaondoft demanded of Young Link.

“You wont get a word out of him,” Ninty said. He started to click on the GameDex to set himself up to go back home. “So, you think you can protect them from me. You’re got guts, kid.” Young Link pulled out his sword ready for a fight. “Heh heh heh… You want a piece of me? Very funny! I like your attitude!” Ganondalf raised his hand creating a power shot and and it hit Young Link down to the ground.

“Pathetic little fool! Do you realize who you are dealing with?! I am Ganondoft and soon, I will rule the world!” he said and with that he headed off on his dark horse to look for Princess Zelda. Ninty watched Young Link get up looking around. He noticed something shining in the water and Ninty knew it was his time to go home.

“Time for me to leave here. Young Link’s gonna have his music session,” Ninty said looking at the Ocerina of Time still in the water. Ninty pressed the GameDex home button and disappearing into pixtel form away from everything. Ninty appeared back into the lab room where Dr Sora was waiting. “How did you go Ninty? You did everything by the look of my scanners? No big changes in the video game timeline I can see,” said Dr Sora.

“Yeah I did get some money in the game and I did see Young Link and Ganondoft. I knew I couldn’t help him even if he goes to the Temple of Time,” Ninty said. Dr Sora nodded understandingly, “That’s how the game goes and he does win in the end. Well done Ninty, what this proves is that the Virtual Motherverse is real and it’s the gateway to virtual worlds. I’ll be doing some testings to make it safer for you and I’ll see what items I can make that will create a easier time when you do travel,” Dr Sora noted.

“So for my next mission where do I go?” Ninty asked.

“Where ever you like and as long as it’s safe,” Dr Sora replied reding some notes on a screen.

The first mission was a success. Who knows what adventures will lie for both of them in the Virtual Motherverse.

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