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Introducing… Smokebomb Squad Tiers

Hey all,

This month has been a good month meeting new subs on NNN and reducing down to three streams a week to make life easier on doing other content. The Smokebomb Store was released at Redbubble with two new merch designs during last month too. So it’s been good busy and enjoying the process.

Our newest idea is making the Memembership tiers easier. Smokebomb Squad Tier 1 is $6 on Youtube with a special icon and emjois to play with during the streams. This tier is to help buy new games with. Smokebomb Squad Tier 2 is $20 on Buy me a Coffee. This tier is for the big fans of the channel that want to speed up and help with our PC Build. Being a member also allows you to play with me in any mult player stream instead of special select streams.

I’ll let you know of any other ideas that come to mind soon. During the next week I’ll be releasing some simple Stream Rules too. For now, have a think about the monthly membership and I’ll get back to work.

Stream Show looking strong and New Ideas

Hi all supporters,

The past month has seen a big increase for the streams for Nintendo Ninja News. We have been averging about six viewers a hour which has been great to see. There’s been also big boost in new subs and people coming along. I have indroduced the new “Upcoming Game Streams” videos for each week and the new NNN Replay where we rebroadcast single player games in full – a chance for thoise who didn’t see it the first time around or a classic game that I loved and the viewers. The dream would be to average ten viewers plus and doing different events with them.

In other news I’m pausing the PC Build for May as I’m getting new clothes for winter and stocking up on food. We are half way through the PC Build with only the items in the PC case and a monitor to go. All the desk changes have helped improve the streams such as the second monitor, Google Home Hub, Stream Deck, and slight wobble mic boom arm. I’m now able to do show things online and do different types of videos too.

There’s always new ideas in my mind but I feel the current setup for NNN is pretty good now. I’m also working with YinYang on the Stream show music as the album is being made. I’m also working Bendy on the Smokebomb Redbubble Store we have rebooted. So more fun things to come in the future.

Become a Buy me a Coffee member if you can to help support the PC Build and make things easier for the fortnight buys. I’ll talk to you next month


Chris Ticehurst

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