Seasons in the Woods (2004)

This television script was part of the Seasons of the Moon (2004) novel for a college assignment

chris ticehurst

ALEXANDER – Richardson Knight/ Nature Savoir. An inexperienced knight who haves the burden of carrying out the quest to save the world from three evil figures.

ICE – Spiritual Element of the weather. Ice is a caring character on the outside but haves a frozen heart inside and doesn’t let people know him well.

PRINCESS CELIA – Princess of the Richardson Castle . He is Alexander’s lover who has journeyed on the path from the beginning.

GLADUS – Dark Wizard/’Soul Breaker’ He is the last of the three evil figures left. The first two have been imprisoned and he has escaped to his homeland. Uses psychological powers.

SCREAMING TREES – Servants of the Soul Breaker. They live in the Haunted Woods where Gladus keeps them safe from harm.

WIND – Spiritual Element of the weather. A quiet and peaceful person. He likes to go on adventures.

THUNDERDRAGON – Lord of the Weather. Stubborn and rude at times, however he will save his servants elements when the time gets tough.

Storyline: This script is an extract from the first book of the ‘Seasons Trilogy’ named Seasons of the Moon. The story of a young knight who adventures and fights in the name of Mother Nature, his quest is to be rid of the three evils with the aid of the six weather elements. This part is towards the end of the novel where Alexander the Knight is left with his lover, Princess Celia and one element Ice.

Ice, Alexander the Knight and Princess Celia have journeyed to the dark side of the earth to find the last of the three evils called Gladus. Wind is left injured on the beach and is left with two fellow dragonflies for protection. Gladus haves a plan for them inside the haunted Woods as he leads them into a web of mind games.

Ext: The Black Road

(Wide Shot) Ice is ( Spiritual Element of the weather) found placing Alexander down on the road. Alexander had seen the dark castle at the end of the Black Road . Ice and Celia are watching the dark castle when they return to see it again from Alexander, the castle had disappeared.

Princess Celia: Where has the castle gone?

Ice: This place is playing tricks on our minds. We must not believe everything we see.

Ice turns his head and looks down from the Black Road into the Haunted Woods. He watches the trees where he sees oozing red blood from the bark. Celia helps Alexander stager to his feet.

Ice: These haunted woods are the only place we can go for now. Let us journey to the east and see what these woods have in store for us.

(Close-Up Shot) A stressful expression appears over Alexander’s face.

Ext: The Dark Castle 

(High angle shot) In front of the Dark Castle . Alexander leans down in front of the castle. He looks blankly up towards the window (Low angle shot) A figure appears by the window and raises out his hand out the window. Alexander falls down and sees two huge black doors towering over him.

Gladus Shadow: You have wandered too far to understand Alexander. Far too far for one so young.

Gladus Shadow: (Extreme close up shot) Far too far! (Ghostly voice)

(Extreme close up shot) Gladus’s eyes open up to reveal a green sparkly color. The eyes start to glow and. (High angle shot) Alexander sees quick images of green glitter flashing causing Alexander pain.

Ext: The Black Road

(Mid range shot) Ice and Princess Celia quickly turns to face Alexander. Alexander changing color to a grey dead figure. The young knight falls down and (High angle shot) starts to roll down the side of the road to the Haunted Woods.

Princess Celia: Alex!

(Dolly shot ) Ice and Princess Celia rush down the side of the Black Road to brush the branches and dirt off Alexander. Ice holds Alexander up and reasons with him.

Ice: (Close up shot) What is wrong with you dear child? Tell me so I can help you!

Alexander looks at Ice with his eyes white and ghostly.

Alexander: ( Shaking and nervous ) Even I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am fighting the shadows of the land. When you look into someone’s eyes, it is their window to their soul and I saw of Gladus! A true terror that breaks my bones and scorns my heart in two. It was him, the man in the window. It is he who creates the darkness of this world. The source of all evil is here

Ice: There can’t be such as thing Alexander. It is mind games that these woods are playing. They are playing you as a fool.

Princess Celia: Let’s get you up and going again Alex ( helping him up again ) then maybe you will feel better again.

Alexander returns to his feet again and looks blankly at Celia and passes his ghostly glare to Ice.

Ice: You are not alone Alexander, you have us to lean on through these dark times

Ext: Screaming Trees clearing, Haunted Woods

(Mid range shot) A walking shadow wanders through the oozing trees and transforms into a ghostly human form known as Gladus.

Gladus (Voice over): And there were three. Three small figures in the haunted woods and yet their hope is still alive but these trees will spell the end of them. The dream to hard to achieve. Their might will fall and their touch of hope that is still left will fall from ashes to dust. Let me come through the lifeless trees, and see what becomes of the travellers. What will they lean towards by the end, a hope to live or a hope to die?

(Pan shot) The trees start to call to each other and Gladus wanders down from the clearing and disappears into the darkness again.

Ext: Inside the Haunted Woods

(Close up shot) Princess Celia notices Ice’s fear of the woods.

Princess Celia: Do you fear that we will not make it? That the price is too high and that we can not do it?

Ice: It’s just I have never seen this place, all through the changing of the seasons with my brothers. It does make the heart stir and make hope a dream.

Alexander: Let us not worry about fearful things and get on with the task in hand.

Ice: You are right. We must press on and see what lies ahead

(High angle shot) A blanket of darkness falls on the trio and they all stop in their places. Ice instructs them to stay in their spots .

Ice: Stay where you are. We must stay together from now on. ( Turns around on the spot unable to hear a response )

(Close up shot) Ice strains his eyes to find his friend and the trees begin to make the weather element feel dizzy and sick

Ice: What are you saying trees? ( Trees whisper to each other, listening in to Ice’s heavy breathing ) Won’t you let me in to your secret?

Ext: Screaming Tress clearing, Haunted Woods

(Pan shot) Alexander is found wandering by himself with his sword close to him. The screaming trees grow louder and louder. Alexander raises his sword to the tress in defence.

Alexander: Leave me alone you dark spirits! ( Swiping his sword around the clearing )

Screaming Trees : Leave this land at once. You do not understand the matters of life, ( pause ) Alexander.

Alexander: Where is he? The soul breaker, Gladus of the Shadows. The one who runs from his own death.

(Mid range shot) Alexander then sees Princess Celia dazed and lost in the trees beyond him. He calls out to her.

Alexander: I’m overr here Celia. Don’t listen to them!

Celia finds herself with Alexander and looks around the quiet trees. She doesn’t know about the screaming trees.

Princess Celia: I didn’t hear the trees speak Alex. What did you hear?

Alexander: Yes, they must have spoken to me. They tell me to leave the woods at once. To leave it all, that would be nice…

Alexander then leans on his knees and drops his sword to the ground. The trees lean over to listen to Celia and Alexander. The only sound was heard was the dropping of the sword.

Alexander: Do you ever feel like you’ve made a mistake? Now I feel I did when I took the challenge. To bear the burdens of the world and to try to write the wrongs of Morcar, Draken and now Gladus. Now I wander in the most unholy of places.

( Close up shot ) Celia leans down in front and tries to understand Alexander’s stress.

Alexander: I feel that Gladus will almost push me over the edge of life and hope. There’s nothing left in me to go on

( Extreme close up shot ) He reaches out and takes Celia’s hands in his.

Alexander: I am spent and all I can do is done. Let the shadows and the whispers of the trees end this life of mine

( Close up shot ) Celia softy kisses him and takes the sword and puts it back into his hands. Two hands as ceremonial

Princess Celia: Won’t you go on for Alfred and me? For the ones you love? It is your determination that has kept everyone’s hope alive.

(Extreme close up shot) Alexander begins to place finger by finger upon the sword again

Princess Celia: Let the dark foes be a secret to those in this world who think this is their heaven.

Alexander the knight stands up again slowly and grips his sword one last time

Alexander: ( Tired and weakly ) If that what you wish for princess, then that is what I shall do.

Ext: Edge of the Haunted Woods

(High angle shot) Ice had been shielding his ears from the howling of the trees forcing the element to retreat out of the woods

Ice: It is you who keeps the wizard safe in these parts. Where is the shadow wizard?

(Mid range shot) Alexander and Princess Celia come into the area and hears Ice.

Princess Celia: That’s Ice calling. We must find him and save him.

Alexander: It’s the screaming trees. I’ll find out the trouble. ( Holds his sword up 

Alexander comes crashing in to the area and waves his sword around. It lights up in a fire rage at the trees. Their roots shoot up and trip Ice down on the ground.

Ice: I’ve found you at last Alexander. Where is Celia?

Alexander: She is safe and sound. We need to get out of here! ( Striking his sword at the moving roots )

Celia: ( Rushes into the battle ) What’s going on?

Alexander picks Ice up from the ground and looks at a shadow evolving before his eyes.

Gladus: And then there were three at the edge of the Haunted Woods. But they won’t get what they desire and their quest will fall to the side from memory’s from this moment on.

Ice: What can you do now Gladus? There is no where to run. You have trapped yourself in these dark woods. Where will the shadow run to next?

Gladus: Ice, if you open your eyes and think and understand then you would see where this quest is going. The faithful element to the weather. He works day and night and without rest. Alexander and Celia will see if this does end, the real Ice will come. The cold and heartless man that he is. Is the legend true?

Gladus turns to Alexander and Celia who are watching Ice. Ice looks plain in the face and makes a wry look.

Gladus: Is the story true Ice, element of the weather creators. Are you the man with the frozen heart?

Ice: (Close up shot) No.

Gladus: My, my Ice. Very quick at answering that. Are you really sure that is your answer? I don’t think you are Ice. But before we chat again, I have a place to run, yet one more last place to go.

Gladus raises his arms and an electricity storm blasts apart the area pushing the element, knight and princess to the ground. He transforms into the shadow and runs up the hill of reality.

Alexander: (Shouts) You go after him Ice. We will stay for now and watch for the screaming trees. We’re come if we hear anything bad.

Ice: Be careful young ones! (He runs off towards the hill of reality)

Ext: The Hill of Reality

Ice crosses the trees and comes to the top of the hill and he turns to see Gladus by himself. Clam as water, Gladus points his finger to the north and lets Ice see for himself.

Gladus: See what comes before you Ice, the Dark Castle . It drips evil and stomps on anything that thinks of goodness.

Ext: The Dark Castle

Gladus (Voice Over): ( Images of the tall doors, the outside of the castle is shown ) Yes, indeed the long road has to end somewhere and this is where it does. What you see beyond the tall doors of blackness, there you will understand who I am and why I am this way. Dear young Alexander couldn’t even pass the window of his fears. He saw his worst fears flash before his eyes. There is only one fear you have, the destruction of this world and this… nature around us . If you pass Alexander, you will understand the matter of everything.

Ext: The Hill of Reality

Gladus: You see Ice I can understand you in a way. You are the man who has the frozen heart. You don’t let anyone inside it. Even I a soul breaker can’t seem to get inside you and understand why you are so secret about yourself. You worried about someone breaking it?

Ice: I don’t need someone telling me this. I am one man and one man himself. There can’t be anyone. I am not doomed to live forever by myself. I live a life of nature and heaven. It is all I need.

Gladus: Or is it all your frozen heart lets you have? We are one in a way. For I am the man who has no heart. I don’t have emotions like humans have. I need to remind myself sometimes to show emotion as people may think it’s little strange if I don’t.

Ice: You have a heart. Feelings. You would be dead if you didn’t have any.

Gladus quickly walks up to Ice and grabs his hand and places it on his chest. His eyes start to shine the green eyes, the insides of his empty soul.

Gladus: You see Ice, there is no beat of hope in me. There is no heart or soul. All there is a hollow body that runs on fear and evil. Nothing can get to me. There is nothing that won’t slow me down, nothing.

Ice: It doesn’t matter Gladus, you can not stop the magic and love of the weather creators. You know that, somewhere in that hollow body of yours.

Gladus: You are wrong. There are missing pieces in this puzzle. Remember element you are also half human not all nature. Having a heart, having a soul is a mistake at first call. You’ll find out soon if your heart does break.

Gladus places his hand on Ice’s chest and it glows a blue ice feeling and Gladus’s hand starts to glow a red fire trying to find a weak spot.

Gladus: ( Still trying hard ) Your heart is strong and frozen, I must say that is good. But there are weaknesses. You care too much about people. It could be your downfall Ice. Maybe one day I will feel the water run down your heart, like tears down a human’s child’s face.

Ice: That will never be the case.

Gladus: ( Smiles to himself )

Ice: What will you do now that your friends are not here to protect you? The end is here now Gladus and you know it.

Gladus: ( Continues to smile ) Maybe I had planned this all along. For you to trap me here.

An old bag is thrown up from the hill and lands next to Ice. He grabs out his crossbow and an arrow. Alexander and Princess Celia arrive at the scene and Gladus stands firm.

Gladus: The young couple, ah your achievements will go unnoticed in history you know. Alexander, you fight for a world. That is really out to destroy nature and even fight each other.

Alexander: There are good people in this world as such Celia and Alexander. Alfred is a good person too.

Gladus: Alfred the Old? Minus the three of them and there would be none to take up arms.

Princess Celia: Ice what are you waiting for? Be rid of him!

(High angle shot) The woods start to scream and Alexander, Celia and Ice cover their ears. (Dolly shot) Gladus starts to move around the figures and (Extreme close up shot) watches the crossbow out of the corner of his eye.

Gladus: Can’t you hear the trees screaming at this madness? The skies are pitch black and the hope of this world now hangs in the balance. ( Close up shot ) ( The three characters look up at Gladus’s shining eyes) Won’t you come into my world and see for yourself? What life will hold.

Ext: The Dark Castle

Each of the characters see visions of the Black Castle and the shaking of the window that Gladus’s shadow stood in before. The glass window smashes to pieces and the three lean down in pain

Ext: The Hill of Reality

Gladus: I can’t stand it any longer. These young hearts must die! ( Aims his hand towards the pair )

Princess Celia: (Close up shot) ( Looks at Alexander ) Tell me when it’s over. ( Shuts her eyes and cuddles into him )

A shot from Ice’s crossbow is fired and goes into Alexander side. The two start to freeze and the pair have been cast by the spell of frozen imprisonment. A bewilder but smiling Gladus faces Ice and the woods quieten down again.

Gladus: Desprate shot to save them… was that the melting of your frozen heart then, Ice?

Ice: They’re safe for now. There were choices left for me.

Gladus: I told you, your love of common people makes you weak.

Ice: The next shot is for you Gladus. (Aims the crossbow at Gladus) The end of the road is now.

Gladus: In some ways Ice we have both won this battle. Because we both get what we wanted in results. You want to freeze me and I wanted to get frozen. But this won’t put an end to the war.

Ice: The War of the Weather ends now. You can’t harm anyone anymore.

Gladus: The spell is not forever but only for a limited time. You know that Ice. I will return and the next phrase of my plan will begin.

Ice: And what is that Gladus?

Gladus: You will see in the future Ice. It will be different to today I will be vastly different I feel. The war of the weather hasn’t ended, it’s just be discontinued until the ice of the past melts and the past of your fears comes back to haunt you and the people you care for.

Ice: Any final words Gladus?

Gladus: Your policy of non-violence will be tested Ice. We’re just freezing the war in time. (Close up shot) ( Taps his chest where his heart would have been ) Keep it frozen Ice.

Ice fires the shot and hits Gladus in the chest and starts to freeze him. The ice glows a light blue but changed to a black ice. Gladus is finally taken care of.

Ice: It is done. It is over.

The ground starts to shake and Ice becomes unbalance on foot and watches the frozen couple from down the hill being hit around by the roots.

Ice: They can’t be harmed at all!

He streaks down the hill and grabs hold of one of the roots and slowly turns them to ice. He grabs the fire sword and swings it around the roots.

Ice: I can’t use this sword but my own!

Ice was pushed to the ground by the roots and the rough leafs fly high and attacks Ice on the ground. He waves his arms from the ground and tries to protect himself.

Ice: (Shouts) Leave me in peace!

The element starts to spray ice bullets from his hands and arms in a rage of self protection. Ice rolls himself on his stomach to watch a binding light come into the Haunted Woods .

Ice: The ThunderDragon! At last he decides to help us!

A stormy electrical and fire show was staged as the ThunderDragon frighten the roots of the trees and the screaming trees quieten down and kept to themselves.

ThunderDragon: (Says smartly) (Low angle shot) I knew without my aid you wouldn’t be able to do this task.

Ice: (High angle shot) Indeed not ThunderDragon. Alex and Celia, they are frozen. Please take them away to a safe place. Leave Gladus. Here. He is finished and is no more threat to us now.

ThunderDragon: (Low angle shot) Find Wind he is looking for you by the long pathway.

Ice: (High angle shot) I will, thank you ThunderDragon.

ThunderDragon: (Low angle shot) I will see you later Ice. You have done well for a mere element today. (Proudly said)

The ThunderDragon flies off and Ice quickly passes out of the Haunted Woods and makes it to the Black Road where Wind was waiting.

Ext: The Black Road

(Pan shot) Wind greets Ice to the road and hugs him and points up at the sky.

Wind: ThunderDragon’s here now, and he’s decided to help us now. About time too. I guess you have had an exciting adventure in there. You look pretty tired out. (Makes a small laugh)

Ice: Yes it was long but it’s over now and we can go home. Back to our homes and continue to create the weather.

Wind: The dragonflies are feeling better now so I think it’s a good to leave this place. It’s so dark and weird this place.

(Close up shot) Ice turns to look at the end of the Black Road and pulls a strange expression.

Wind: What’s wrong Ice? Is there something at the end of the road?

Ice: I thought I saw a broken glass window in a castle one time. (Turns to face Winds and smiles) Some stories are not meant to be told. Let’s go home.

Wind: I agree, let’s go.

The elements wander down to the beach where the dragonflies and begin their journey back home, away from the dark side of the Earth.

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