Shaken and Shocked (2006)

Shaken and Shocked by the humans at this degree

They’re burning down the house of morals and humanity

Infested with the disease of greed and power

It’s poison filling the earth

Homosexual, bisexual, something of a lookablesexual

Personality thrown out the window, discrimination I say

Hate that look, dislike that look

Give ya couple bob to snob that proof

Why judge the book by the cover

While you look inside of one other

To find the longlife friend you so long to meet

What happened to the world of people searching of just elementary things?

Do you agree with me when I tell you the world is shaken and shocked?

Do you need the bloodshed of a young solider dying?

Or the pain in the eyes of a baby crying?

To get you to see

That the earth is still worthwhile

Touch the children as gladness fills their faces

Everyone one day will have no sadness

If we all start trying

Then no one will be crying…

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