Super Bakery Adventures – The Magical Fruit Tree (2015)

A spin off of sorts from the Super Bakery Sister series that explores the light fantasy elements of their world

chris ticehurst

The warm morning sun was coming past the curtains inside a house where a young girl was stretching on her bed ready for a new day. She was about ten or eleven years old when she leaned up in her bed. She went to her closet and picked out a light blue jeans and a shirt as it was her day off from working either older sisters. She came downstairs to where the work was. She worked in a bakery store that made all sorts of wonderful treats from bread, pies, to cupcakes. Sara one of her older sisters came up to her with a smile on her face.

“I have a task for you to do Chisa. It’s to do with Barkator’s birthday party our little town is having,” she told her young sister.

“Is this a adventure? I haven’t been on one before! This could be fun!” Chisa cried excited with her eyes wide open.

“We need you to go to the forest and find us a rare fruit. Some say that it glows and that tree is magic. People know that outside of our town there are many strange things out there, I thought you could take Norwin with you on your little adventure.”

Chisa nodded readily and started thinking of her adventure with Norwin, “I have a bag upstairs that has all these things I saved up for having adventures and going to the forest. I should take that too!  Are we using the fruit for the birthday party or making something with it?” She asked.

“I thought the fruits would nice to eat by themselves and it’s always special time this time of the year. All of our friends will be there tomorrow night. Be sure to be there before it starts.”

“Alright! I’ll go find this fruit for everyone!” Chisa smiled and she rushed back up the stairs and opened up her closet again and saw the grey bag she kept of things she collected in case anyone wanted to go on adventures. She picked it up and went don downstairs and through the bakery store outside where Norwin her pet cow was standing smiling and waving his tail.

“Here’s a breakfast treat for you Norwin. We are going on our first adventure! We are going to look for some special fruits and than bring me back to everyone for the town’s birthday party. We’re going to have so much fun! ” she told her best friend.

Norwin munched on his cupcake happily as she put up a special cow saddle and placed her bag on it with some food to eat on the other side. She climbed up on Norwin and patted on his head pointing in the direction of the forest.

“Let’s go Norwin!” She cried as Norwin started to walk along the town’s other shops and pathway as they trotted off towards the forest area.

Barkator was a small town that didn’t have any cars driving and was filled of people buying clothes and food and other fun things. Chisa was the youngest sister of the three who owned the very popular Sister Bakery Sisters store that sold the best foods in town. Her pet cow Norwin is seen as the mascot of the store that was popular with children and adults. His favourite treats was of course cupcakes and he was quite excited about this first adventure. The forest was a small travel from the town where some of the children played in but never stayed around at night. Chisa was riding along with Norwin eating a bread stick with some cheese melted inside it when they saw the tall trees that outlined the inner forest.

“Wow Norwin it looks very pretty from the outside. I bet there’s many different fruits and trees inside there. I hope the bag is big enough tiger as much fruit as we can,” Chisa wondering looking at the tall trees that shined in the light winds coming in from the town.

They came into the the talks trees as Chisa carefully watched where Norwin was going. Shadows was appearing from the trees below on he two you travellers and Norwin stopped for a moment, “Moo?” He called out feeling confused and worried.

“What’s wrong Norwin? I can’t see anything,” she commented.

A number of faces appeared in the trees as monkeys was revealed to Chisa and Norwin. Norwin started to shake in fear as he monkey’s eyes were glowing.

“What’s that?” Chisa wondered when he monkeys showed off strange but large blow darts. A shot came out and hit the ground. It was snow.

“Snow? But it’s not winter here?” Chisa said surprised.

“Moo!” Norwin cried out as he started to move quickly through he forest as the monkeys started to shot snow balls at the two of the. Norwin’s little legs ran as hard as he could as they ran past the trees and bushes where the monkeys were swinging from tree to tree giving chase. Because of Norwin’s large size he couldn’t run fast and he was starting to slow down and feel tired.  Chisa looked ahead while hanging on to Norwin when a small river was coming up towards them.

“Norwin we have to slow down! We’re going to fall into the river!” She cried at her pet cow.

A voice was heard from in front of them, “I’ll help you out little friend!”

As they pushed towards the river a tall and wide bubble burst into life and they bounced off it sending Chisa off Norwin onto the ground. A figure rose from the right of them waving a large sack at the monkeys.

“Go away you little buggers. That’s the last time you take things from my sack of inventions,” he cried out to them.

Chisa shook her head on the ground and Norwin came up and nudge her to make sure she was ok.

“Let me help you up little friend. My name is Max what are doing here in this forest?” He asked helping Chisa up from the ground dusting her off.

“I’m on a adventure today! Those monkeys weren’t very nice to us at all.  I think they scared Norwin too,” she explained to Max.

“A adventure is always good to have when you are young. Nothing like that!”

Norwin wandered up to Max’s sack sniffing it wondering if there was food in it for him.

“What are you doing here? Are you on a adventure too?” Chisa asked.

“I’m on my travels to a nice home to live at. I’m have been walking for a long time and wish to settle somewhere nice. I had heard of a nice town near here but this forest to hard to get through. I’m a inventor and I can see your cow is interested in my magic sack,” Max replied.

“It’s magic? How is it magic?” Chisa asked looking at the sack with Norwin.

“It can fit more things than it looks like. Those troublesome monkey took all my snow blow darts, one of my magic inventions I made on my travels. My inventions always keeps me safe in case any cheeky monkeys or anything dangerous comes to me. What are you looks for in your adventure?”

“Moo Moo!” replied Norwin nodding his head across the river.

“We are looking for a Magical tree with fruit on it. It’s our town’s big birthday coming up,” Chisa answered.

“Yes I remember little friend! I did see a fruit tree that was colourful and was large in size. It was quite beautiful to look at. You have to pass the river and than go through a cave and than outside you will a number of lovely trees with that big fruit tree in the middle. I should give you something to help you across the river.”

Max walked up to the side of the river and looked inside his sack and brought out a large leaf inside it. He placed it on the water and Chisa and Norwin walked up to watch.

Norwin mooed with a surprised look as the leaf started to grow in size. A light green glow was coming off it as Max adjusted his blue jacket and jumped on to the floating leaf.

“I introduce you to the magic floating leaf! This is a easy way to cross water where there is no bridge! Come and use it. It can carry your friendly cow too.”

“Well Norwin let’s give it a try!” Chisa cried as she hoped on Norwin and   He wandered slowly onto the floating leaf. Max jumped off the leaf and picked up his sack of goodies.

“I have to go and find your town and rest my feet! I hope to see you at the birthday party you were talking about. I’m a real fan of cakes,” he told the pair. Norwin gave a cheerly moo in agreement.

Max started his walk out of the forest to Baraktor and Chisa and Norwin continued on their journey to find he magic fruits.

Chapter 2:

It had been a long trip down the river to find the cave to the magic fruits and Norwin was looking around the forest bushes and insects buzzing around.

“Moo?” He wondered.

“Yes Norwin there’s lots of bugs and funny little things here. Here’s the cave here. Let’s go inside and see what’s there” Chisa suggested.

Inside the cave it was dark, wet and uninviting. Norwin shivered in the darkness as he was not a fan of dark places. Chisa grabbed a small light helmet ands put on Norwin’s head turning the light on for them. Norwin seemed better with some light on the cave but was feeling uneasy like Chisa was. Norwin looked around the cave noticing some strange green eyes appearing around them.

“Moo!” he cried getting nervous and worried about them

“Oh Norwin, I think I know what they are and they are bats in the cave!” Chisa shouted as the two bolted away from the eyes.

The bats started to fly and a swarn of them was cricling around them as they started to head for a small light at the end of the cave. They slowly was geting there when a stranger at the end of the tunnel flashed a bright light at the bats and scraed them away from Norwin and Chisa.

Together the pair came into the light and a bright and beautiful garden and there standing in the middle of it all was the Magical fruit tree.

“Good evening you two. I thought I hear some noises and found you two trying to come here. My name is Toki and I’m the gardener. What are your names?”

he asked the young girl and cow.

“My name is Chisa and this is Norwin my pet cow. We were looking for the magical fruits for a special meal that my bakery store is making.”

“Well you are more than welcome to take some fruits from the tree. I have heard about your store. The food made there is very good by my reports. Here is the fruit tree as it has been here for a very long time.”

Norwin nudged the tree looking at the wonder of it all as the glowing fruits covered the tree, “I hope they don’t take long for them to grow back Toki,” Chisa said.

“It only takes a couple days for them to grow back. The magic part of them is how good they taste and it’s very healthy for anyone,” Toki commented.

Chisa and Norwin took a few fruits and placed them glently into Chisa’s bag. They both turned to where the cave was in the near distance but Toki smiled towards them.

“There’s a unknown shortcut to here via the forest with a bridge. I only tell people who are good in nature and soul. Do please come and visit because the place can be lonely here sometimes.”

“We can visit you and bring you yummy foods for you to eat! Norwin and I like to go for walks and adventures. We’ll see you reall soon!” Chisa smiled hopping back on Norwin.

It wasn’t long until Chisa and Norwin returned all the way back to the Super Bakery Sisters store with the magic fruits. Together they were found inside the store with the fruits on display and their new friend Max was found shopping in the store.

“Your store is great Chisa. I think I might settle into this town quite well. I’m sure they need a inventor of sorts in Barkator. I look forward to seeing you around the town and meeting everyone,” Max replied with a happy grin.

“I’m happy that you like our food Max,” Chisa said waving him off as she turned to Norwin.

“I think we deserve some cup cakes for our little adventure Norwin. It’s been a busy day for us don’t you think,” she asked him.

Norwin nodded happily and mudging the counter where the cup cakes were stored. Both of them had a couple cup cakes and enjoyed their time looking for the magical tree of fruits.

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