Super Bakery Sisters – Norwin’s Christmas Quest (2014)

A short and fun Christmas tale in the Super Bakery Sisters world

chris ticehurst

It was a bright and snowy morning in the town where the Super Bakery Sisters store was. Nrowin the Cow their mascot was wandering into the town mayor’s small building carrying some milk bottles by his side. His round body bounced along as he saw a large Christmas tree next to the building. Every year the tree was set up to celebrate the holiday period. The short portly mayor came outside and smiled at Norwin and patted him on the head. He grabbed some of the milk bottles and looked up at the Christmas tree.

“This party tonight we are planning would be perfect if only we could find the star to the tree. Without that we couldn’t call it a Christmas tree now could we?” the mayor said to Norwin.

“Moo?” Norwin tinted his head wondering where the star could be. He glared up at the tall Christmas tree and looked back at the mayor.

“I have looked everywhere. Why don’t you go looking for it Norwin. You know how I misplace things around the town. We only have a few hours to find it but being mayor I don’t have the time to find it myself. I know you and Chisa like to have adventures so why don’t you help me!” the mayor asked smiling.

Norwin nodded with excitement turning around and heading off back into the middle of the town to help the mayor find the Christmas star. He wandered around the street shops thinking to himself where the star could be. There was some toy stars that he saw and walked up nudging them next to the shop keeper.

“Oh Norwin! Are you looking to buy some of these Christmas stars for the Bakery Sister’s tree?” she asked him.

Norwin noticed that the star was far too small for the big town tree and he shook his head no to the shop keeper.

“Not the one you’re looking for? That’s a shame I’m sure you will find what you’re looking fo,” she replied to Norwin.

Norwin bounced along the streets and conituned his work selling milk bottles to the town. He stopped for a moment to have drink of water at a small dish left out for animals when he saw a donkey nudging at a old box of crafts. The donkey’s mouth pulled out a large golden Christmas tree which looked very large – like one for the big town tree.

“Moo!!” Norwin cried excited towards the donkey. The donkey turned around paniced and started to run off from Norwin. Norwin started to run as quick as a cow could through the town at the donkey.  He nodged and moved past the crowds of people in the town, around the stores and even past the Super Bakery Sisters Store. The donkey was moving too quickly for Norwin and the cow stopped in his own tracks looking very tired and upset. 

He looked up at the clock and it was getting dark as the town’s people was moving towards the town Christmas tree. He sat down with his milk sack still on looking very sad and frowning about not being able to get the star from the donkey. As a small tear came from his eye a man came up to him with a jingle noise and Norwin looked up. It was a jolly man in a big red suit and two black boots.

“Ho, Ho, ho! Are you missing this?” asked the stranger showing the missing Christmas star.

Norwin leaped up nodding his head towards him. The man gave it to him and Norwin was thinking the man must have been Santa! Norwin held on to the star in his mouth and Santa patted Norwin, “Have a Merry Christmas. I’ll be coming to see you this week,” he smiled.

The crowds of people was watching the mayor looking nervous and the Bakery sisters sitting and watching.

“How come the Christmas star is missing?” Chisa asked her sisters.

A large murmured mooing sound could be heard from the background of the crowd. Norwin quickly marched up to the mayor with the star in his mouth.

“Here comes Norwin with the Christmas Tree just in time! Come Chisa, climb up the ladder and put the star on top.” calleded out the mayor.

Chisa happily came up and collected the star from the mayor climbed up the tall white ladder next to the tree. The mayor leaned down to Norwin and poped out a early present for Norwin.

“Here’s a cupcake I brought eariler today I know how much you like them. Enjoy the Christmas Tree!” he said and Norwin happily grabbed the cupcake, sat down muching it like a very happy cow. 

The star was placed on top of the large Christmas Tree and the star glowed white and shoned around the town. Everyone clapped and cheered as Christmas time has arrived. It is a very Merry Christmas indeed.

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