The Silver Knight (2003)

The Silver Knight is the only stry that has dived into the crime genre. The main character Silver Knight made a camo in the The Author’s War (2014) novel.

chris ticehurst

She was breathing heavily as she made her way up the stairs. The railing was cold as ice and her partner was catching up with speed.

“For god sake Crystal can you just tell me who we are chasing? Who did you see at the rooftop that caught your eye?” asked his partner.

“You will find out, sooner than later,” she cried out from the top.

The partner rushed to the top where he was faced with uniformed men with strange looking weapons. Crystal eyed the men and grabbed her gun out ready.

“We’re detectives not heroes,” he cried out again.

“He’s at the rooftop, he doesn’t know we’re here, which is great,” Crystal explained to him.

“Who doesn’t know we’re here. Even I don’t know who he is or what we’re doing,” the male detective complained.

The guards begin shooting appearing to be electric rays. The male detective grabbed his gun and shot down a couple. The male detective caught Crystal to turn her around.

“Who are we chasing?” he asked again.

The uniformed men stopped attacking and parted ways with a man in a black robe who made his way towards the detectives. His black hair blended in with the black robe and had a smart look on his face when he looked at Crystal . He revealed his black gloves and the uniform guards went down the stairs to leave their leader alone with the detective.

“It is I she is chasing. Hoping to catch me, but her chances is not good. There are things that are against her,” called the man in the robe.

“I’m not going to listen to you Silver,” cried Crystal turning away from the detective.

“I must give you one point for spotting, I had hoped for his visit to be unseen,” pointed out Silver.

“You’re the so called famous Silver Knight. I thought you were just a story but you’re not,” said the detective.

“Indeed I am real Scott. I am the world’s greatest criminal, according to what the police say about me,” smiled Silver.

“You’re nothing but a pain in the backside for us, you’re not a hero at all,” cried Crystal .

“Don’t be so rude to me Crystal. I have never done anything to you, expect make your job very hard. I know you need to catch me to be hailed the greatest detective ever, but what would be left of your job if you did that, hmm?” asked Silver.

“It would make an easier life for everyone specially the department and me,” said Crystal .

“It’s upsetting that the two of us can’t see eye to eye, but maybe one day we will. For now we better on with our game,” said Silver.

“These would fit you better around your gloves Silver,” said Crystal holding up the handcuffs.

“We shall see if you can put my hands in those handcuffs won’t we?” smiled Silver.

Crystal gave chase after Silver when he held out his arm and a blinding light shot across the roof top. Crystal fell to the ground and Silver looked up.

A massive aircraft was made seen coming towards the roof top with bright lights on its front.

“Don’t let a little sunshine get in your eyes Crystal . Stay on your target and don’t let go,” cried out Silver

Crystal quickly got up and saw Silver holding on to a rope from the aircraft. She grabbed Silver legs and he looked down to her.

“I rather thought you would have wanted my outspoken personality caught on show than my own legs,” he smiled and kicked Crystal off to the ground.

Crystal got up again and Silver tossed his head in shame.

“I will catch you Silver where ever you go in this world, you can’t escape.”

“That’s where you’re wrong Crystal , you’ll never catch me because you keep letting go, and that’s not good. You’re not good enough for me and you’ll learn that by fixing your mistakes. Until next time, see you around,” he called out giving his grinning smile from the aircraft before carrying him to safety.

Scott was behind the action, amazed by the action taken place. He thought the Silver Knight was just an old story of two great minds, but it was true.

“Well you’ll get another chance. We will get him one day,” he said.

“You can’t get him, only I can. Understand,” she shouted “You don’t understand him.”

She stormed off in another failed attempt to catch the criminal and Scott looked up to the sky.

“It’s a mind game alright,” he said.

Later on that night, Scott was walking across the street to his house when a black car was parked outside, the house door was opened. He quickly removed his gun from his side and walked in quietly. He entered the lounge room where a figure was standing.

“That’s no way to treat a visitor Scott. You should have better manners,” said the figure.

“Silver, why are you here? Of all places,” asked Scott putting away his gun.

“I’m here to prove that I’m no comic character. That the things you have heard of are all true,” said Silver.

“How,” asked Scott.

“The new bank building across the road from you that will be my test. The best in the world, no one can get in without the alarm going off. Come and watch me break in,” explained Silver.

“I can’t Silver, I can’t let you break a crime,” said Scott shocked.

He couldn’t believe the famous Silver Knight was in his house trying to prove his famous trademark to him.

“Indeed I know that, but you were… delayed to the scene of the crime than it’s not your fault,” smiled Silver aiming a strange looking gun.

He shot an electric bolt at Scott and he fell down to the ground. Silver looked at his watch for the time.

“Break the alarm in 10 mins, shouldn’t be a mind bender,” thought Silver quickly heading off leaving Scott on the ground for now.

Scott woke up from his shot attack and quickly remembered what Silver was planning. He flew outside to see the building and headed into the front door. Inside there a lift to the main vault, he walked in and punched in the keys. The doors closed and the lift carried him up to the floor. The lift opened and he came out to see Silver in a strange red glowing suit. Silver faced him and welcomed him.

“Please take a seat,” he said and he shot at Scott’s legs to bring him down to the ground.

“I can’t move them!” he cried out.

“Don’t worry about them, worry about what I may do next,” said Silver.

He turned himself around like he was a model and showed off his suit.

“This suit tricks the beams in believing that I’m invisible. Nice little invention it is. You can watch and learn Scott,” he explained.

He walked through the red beams that covered the floors and the walls of the bank room to the vault. The suit was working and Scott sat on the ground in amazement. Silver got to the vault and tapped it three times and then started to walk back.

“I thought you were going to steal the money?” asked Scott.

“You’re just like Crystal ; you never listen to what I say. I just showed you how to rob the best secured bank in the world in about – ,” Silver looked at watch “13 mins,” giving a smile.

“So you are the greatest criminal then?” asked Scott.

“It seems I am by everyone.”

“Where will you go, and what will you steal this time,” asked Scott to Silver.

“That question I cannot tell, for even I have not the answers to share with you. Crystal seems to have a good idea where I go, just tag along with her and you’ll bound to find me again,” said Silver.

Silver walked towards the lift and turned around to look at Scott. He took off his gloved (which was a rare treat to witness) and pointed them at him.

“I’ll see you later Scott, I believe I have to work to do. But I can’t let too much out,” he smiled and disappeared into the lift.

Scott started to feel his legs and got up. He tossed his head and gave in a smile. He looked out the window to see Silver enter a black car and played with some computers. All he could do was smile and wonder.

“He’s good, he knows just when to leave. He is the real Silver Knight,” he said looking at his legs.

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